How to Make a Millionaire Love You

Some women have ambitions to become famous actresses, other to be successful lawyers and some want to date and eventually marry a millionaire. What all of these women have in common is high ambition. If you ever considered a life with a millionaire make sure to read our top 6 tips how to make him fall in love with you!

Marry a Millionaire

1. Make sure you are compatible

Most of wealthy men have great analytic skills so if you are only interested in them for their money they will pick that up. If you want a millionaire to love you or any man indeed make sure that you have genuine feelings towards him and trust and love will follow naturally.

2. Act like a lady

Men from respectable families are taught impeccable manners since childhood, so showing lack of tact can be a big turn off and may even exclude you from being considered as a suitable match. It is always nice to mix a bit of naughty and fun but never forget that acting like a lady is the basis of success.

3. Don't be intimidated

It is easy to be intimidated by the celebrity status, wealth and power of a millionaire. However, if you treat him too much as a superior he will automatically think lesser of you. It can be tiring to be constantly worshiped and feared. Show you are not his inferior but his partner that he can trust and relay on.

4. Make him respect you

Once you show you are equals it will be easier to gain his respect. Be confident about who you are and what you are bringing into the relationship. If you want him to love you he must learn to respect your boundaries, wants and needs. With your confidence he will understand you are not disposable- let him believe you are a rare find.

5. Impress with your beauty and heart

All men are attracted to beautiful women, no way around it. However, the beauty that will make them stay is not only physical attractiveness, but also your charm, intelligence and heart. Many rich men are involved in foundations and charities and you can show you share their passion by revealing your soft side.

6. Be positive and passionate

Some women believe that being mysterious femme fatale is the way to go; it may be so but not if you are trying to build a strong loving relationship. Keeping some secrets to yourself may be intriguing but the most important traits of character that men are drawn to are optimism and passion. If you keep things light and positive he will want to be around you to forget any stress associated with his work and your passion for life will inspire him to see the world in a whole different light.

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