10 Places to Meet and Date a Millionaire

Finding a millionaire is not an easy task, but visiting specific places and events can improve your chances of meeting one. Keep reading to find out what sites are a must if you want to achieve your goal faster.

Where to Meet a Millionaire

Online dating sites

Sit comfortably in your chair and meet a millionaire online. This is one of the cheapest ways you can achieve your goals. Explore the web and find the millionaire dating site that offers meeting wealthy people. Choose the one that meets your criteria and get to work.

Golf clubs

Most rich people play golf in their spare time, and this is the place you need to come if you wish to meet a wealthy partner. You don't have to play golf, you can sit comfortably and drink coffee in one of the golf clubs, and it's probable that you'll stumble upon a millionaire while doing that.

Spa centers

Wealthy people need to relax after a busy day, and one of their favorite ways of doing so is visiting a spa center for a massage and sauna. This is a chance for you to meet a millionaire while they're relaxed and not thinking about work.

Charity events

This type of activity most certainly attracts people with money who are willing to give it away. So they have it more than they need. You'll need to look luxurious and wealth yourself and ooze confidence.

Expensive car dealerships

Dealerships like Lamborgini, Porsche, and Ferrari, are filled with people who won't spare money on their enjoyment. Make sure you visit one of the events that these dealerships often organize and you'll be a step closer to meeting someone rich.

Movie premiers

These movie premiers are crawling with celebrities and people connected to them, and we all know they have loads of money. Be as glamorous as you can and step onto the red carpet with confidence that you'll attract the attention of your dream millionaire.

Millionaire clubs

The most prominent chances for you to find a millionaire are here. Celebrations and cocktail parties here gather the elite, and if you can manage to be one of the lucky ones to attend, you'll have a vast number of affluent people to choose from.

Luxury shops

Sophisticated people buy expensive clothes. Meeting them in luxury shops will make them think that you are like them and not a gold digger. If you spot the person you like, try to start a conversation that will tickle their imagination.

Exclusive pubs near business centers

Just like ordinary people need to relax after a busy day at work, rich people need to do so as well. The only difference is that they do it in the exclusive pubs near their place of work. Try going there at the end of the working day, because that's when these busy people go for a drink and some fun.

Horse races

Make sure to bring a large hat if you want to be in the high-end society. All jokes aside, this is the place to show all your wealth if you have it. Super-rich people like to breed horses, as well as bet on them. So, wear your pastels and become a race-goer.

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