Do Millionaire Men Have a Racial Dating Preference

Racial dating preference is a topic that most people don't want to talk about because it's highly controversial and sensitive. Therefore, it's hard to find relevant information that is useful on the Internet. However, a research team based in California has recently conducted an important study on whether rich men have a racial dating preference or not. Their findings reveal a lot of raw truth.

Rich Man Black Woman

Wealthy men who like attention tend to date East European women.

Clearly, East European women are considered the most beautiful women in the world in many ways. Many well-known dating experts highly recommend East European women because these women are gorgeous, honest and polite. Some rich men even live in East European countries just to date hot women there. If we look at Donald Trump, the ultimate alpha male, we can see that he has only married/dated either East European women or women who look like that type. Apparently, Donald Trump is a high-profile, high-value man.

Rich men who want to be Christian Gray tend to date Asian women.

Usually, a millionaire man who is very dominant in relationships prefer Asian women who are oftentimes more submissive. To be honest, many Asian women enjoy being submissive and a lot of them are living western women's dreams, i.e. Fifty Shades of Gray is not a fantasy for them; it's many Asian women's reality. As a result, switched-on millionaire men prefer Asian women so that their desires can come true. Meanwhile, Asian women value wealth, family and education, so they are also looking for rich men. When dominant rich men and submissive Asian women are looking for each other, of course they get along very well.

The majority of millionaire men in the United States are White and Asian, and they prefer White or Asian women.

According to Times, in the United States, Asian men and Asian women already make more money than White men and White women in terms of hourly rate. Consequently, most wealthy men in America are either White or Asian. So it is clear that the majority of millionaire singles looking for love prefer White or Asian girls. The article from Times also claims that Black people and Hispanic people make less money when it comes to hourly rate. Hence, it's probably harder for them to get White women and Asian women (power and money are key aphrodisiacs).

Millionaire singles suggest that even Asian women fall into different categories.

Again, this is something that most people don't want to talk about in the mainstream culture - Asian women actually fall into different categories: Women from East Asia usually have fair skin and black hair, so it seems that Snow White was created from that model. In contrast, women from West Asia (e.g. India) and South Asia usually have darker skin, so some of them have natural tan and can look quite exotic. The study shows that in terms of millionaire singles who like Asian women, rich men who are more traditional tend to prefer East Asian women, whereas wealthy men who are more adventurous oftentimes prefer South Asian women or West Asian women. We know it can be embarrassing to put women into different pigeon holes, but that's the raw truth. In dating and relationships, we can be either politically correct or actually correct.

In conclusion, many rich men looking for love do have a racial dating preference, although most of them don't want to talk about it in public. Fortunately, researchers have found out the truth that every open-minded dater should know. If you are a wealthy single reading this article, do you have a racial dating preference? If you are a single woman looking for a rich husband, what's your dating preference?

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